Sameness and Similarity, Comparatives

1. Sameness and Similarity

Sameness and similarity are often used to express the similarity of two different things. It usually a noun and adjective. There are three formulas in sameness and similarities, they are:

1. Like or the same as

2. the same + noun + as

3. as + adjective + as

Bellow is the example of the sameness and similarity:

1. Andy’s car is like as mine or Andy’s car is the same as mine.

the word of “like” can stand as “verb” and “adjective”. When it is followed by “verb be” it means that like is an “adjective”. In addition to the word of “like”, it has similar meaning with “the same”. So, it doesn’t matter whether you want to use “Like” ore “The same”.

2. Dina is the same age as Billy. or That building is the same High as my house.

3. Windy is as beautiful as Janet. or Mike is as cleaver as John. The form of this example usually compare an adjective as the similar thing.


2. Comparative

Comparative describes the form of an adjective or adverb that expresses an increase in quality, quantity, or degree. It usually compare an adjective or an adverb e.g. “quick – quicker” or “importantly – more importantly”. In the of comparative, if the word that is compared only has one syllable, it should be added suffix “-er” in the end of the word. Example, “tall – taller”. And if it is ended by “-y” it should be changed by “i” before adding “-er”, example “happy – happier”

Most two and three syllable adjective use “more” to compare two adjective words, example: beautiful – more beautiful.

If the words that are compared are added by “most” for two or three syllable and “-est” for one syllable adjective, it called by superlative. example beautiful, more beautiful and the most beautiful or busy, busier, and the busiest. Don’t forget to add “the” when using superlative form in a sentence.

Some adjectives have irregular comparative form. Therefore they are to be memorized in order to apply it correctly, Example, good, better, the best or bad, worse, and the worst.

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