Bomb Creator Academy (A Ngawur and Ra Gadeg Story)

One day, there was a story about terrorist academy in Iraq named The Bomb Creator Academy. This school was very scary to some one who hears it for once; yeah it is provided that when every one hears a word of Exploding Bomb they will protect their self from the dead.

But not in this story, this story will show you that Exploding School Academy was not scary but it was so funny. All readers, you are to know that this school had two big teachers named Nurdin M Top as bomb creator teacher, and Dr. Azahari as strategy and bomb operational teacher. Those two teachers were very strange, but they were smart. As the big teachers, they should have had many students, but what is happening here?, when they go to teach their students, they always find out only two students who come. Those two students named Ibrohim and Syaifudin Zuhri. They are naughty students, and today is Tuesday they will meet whit Dr. Azahari and Nurdin M Top Subject. Now, you must be curious what happen in this school was. All readers let’s read the story!

Ibrohim : Assalamu’alaikum din, how you doing today?
S. Zuhri : Fine thank you, by they way what is the subject for today?
Ibrohim : We will meet with Dr. Azahari and Nurdin M Top Subject, the first is Mr. Nordin and the second is Dr. Azahari.
S. Zuhri : Oh god! Why in this world are there those two boring people? By the way, do we make a bomb today?
Ibrohim : Yes of course, I like it, make a bomb is my hobby, and I want to throw it to Dr. Azahari and Nurdin M Top.
Both : Laughing

Narrator           : when they are laughing loudly, suddenly Master Nurdin M Top comes and stands right at behind of them.

Nurdien : Hem… what are you laughing about? (hit those student by a ruler)
S. Zuhri : Nothing sir, just laughing at Mr… Mr… Mr. Krebs in Sponge bob cartoon series sir, it’s so funny sir. (laughing)
Ibrohim : Yap sir, ha ha ha ha
Nurdien : Stop laughing (Hit them anymore), okay listen students before we start our study today I will absent you first.. Ibrohim
Ibrohim : Present sir..
Nurdien : Syaifudin Zuhri
S. Zuhri : Present sir..
Nurdien : Amrozi, does he come?
Ibrohim : Amrozi was die sir, shoot by a police sir!
Nurdien : Amrozi was die, then Ali Imron?! Ali Imron!! Where is Ali Imron?
S. Zuhri : Ali Imron was executed sir! So he was die too, so he doesn’t come today.
Nurdien : Oh he was die too, so he doesn’t come today?
Ibrohim : Absolutely sir! If he comes you will teach a ghost sir (laughing)
Nurdien : Okay, now Imam Samudra, don’t say he dies too!
S. Zuhri : e.. He was executed too sir, so he has gone not die sir
Nurdien : Okay never mind, I just want to say that in the absent list there are 36 students, but every day only two students who come, but it doesn’t matter. Our subject for today is How To Make a Bomb.
Ibrohim : Sir! May I ask you a question?
Nurdien : What is that?
Ibrohim : How to make a bomb?
S. Zuhri : Hey ibrohim, don’t you listen that the teacher will teach us how to exploding a bomb? Right sir?
Nurdien : Oh god make me be patient have the students like this. Ibrohim, Zuhri listen, today we will learn how to make a bomb, so you are not to ask me that brilliant question, okay!
S. Zuhri : Mr. Nurdien said that our question is brilliant; maybe it means that we are smart students.
Ibrohim : Yes you are right, excuse me sir, Zuhri said to me that our question is a smart student question, is it true if we are smart students?
Nurdien : Yeah you both are smart, till sometimes I’d like to throw you a bomb then you can meet your friends in the grave!
S. Zuhri : Ha ha, do you listen we are really smart students, till he wants throw a bomb to us.
Ibrohim : Yes right, em, sir can you teach us now? We are not patient anymore!
Nurdien : Okay, lets start our study
S. Zuhrie : Hooray, we are making a bomb now!!
Nurdien : Zuhri, Shut up! Listen; to make a bomb we should now which one the bomb we want to make, there are three choices in it.
Ibrohim : What are they sir?
Nurdien : Good question Ibrohim, the first is a bomb with a high explode energy, the second is a bomb with low explode energy, and the last is a bomb which not be able to be exploded.
S. Zuhri : How to make those different bombs sir, does it have different method and different element?
Nurdien : Very good question, first to make a bomb with a low explode energy. It’s usually called by grenade, to make it you must input gunpowder in to the grenade brand, then give it a key guard to keep the bomb not be explode.
Ibrohim : That is the simple way to make a bomb, but sir how to use it?
Nurdien : To use grenade is very easy, firstly lock on your target, then put out the key guard from the grenade, and throw it. You should know that you only have ten seconds to throw it.
S. Zuhrie : If we don’t throw it in that moment what will happen sir?
Nurdien : It will be explode on your hand, and it will break your body, automatically you will die. Do you understand?
S. Zuhri : Yes sir. Now, how to make a bomb with a high explode energy?
Nurdien : Yeah to make it, it has more difficult way. First you have to know the circuit of electric bomb, to make it you must make a picture of the circuit first, then you must put in explode automatic IC in order that the bomb can be exploded by remote control.
Ibrohim : What is the next step sir?
Nurdien : The next step is you must make a box to be filled full by TNT Powder, TNT powder has higher explode energy than gun powder, then to add the explode energy you can put in some bolts in it.
S.Zuhri : Sir, how does it work?
Nurdien : The electric signal that is sent by a remote control will be change to be an electric flow, and it will be a small fire which will fire the TNT powder, and it will explode. Do you understand?
Both : Yes sir.
S. Zuhrie : How to make a bomb which not be able to explode?
Nurdien : Easy, just prepare a watermelon, banana, and the other fruits, and throw its.
Ibrohim : I just know it now that watermelon and banana are bombs.
S. Zuhrie : Sir, can we try to use the bomb?
Nurdien : Yes ofcourse, but the low explode energy bomb first. Do you remember how to do it?
S. Zuhrie : Yeah, just take over the key guard and throw it like this (he throw it to nordien)
Nurdien : Ah………… (Nurdin dead)

Finally after Syaifudin Zuhrie throw the grenade to Nurdin M Top, Nurdin M Top is dead in brief moment. Knowing that Nurdin has gone, Syaifidin Zuhrie has an idea to hide Nurdin corpse before Dr. Azahari come to the class and they act like as nothing happen there.

Audiences, this the time for Dr. Azahari to teaches those two students. What will happen to Dr. Azahari, will he die? Let’s watch the next story!

Ibrohim : Hey Zuhrie, the next is Dr. Azahari subject, right? You guess, what will we learn today?
S. Zuhri : Yes, absolutely. I don’t know what will we learn for today? Maybe we will make something more spectacular than make a bomb.
Ibrohim : What is that? Can you give me the example of it?
S. Zuhri : Yeah like making a banana juice or make a delicious coffee (laughing)
Ibrohim : You are great for make a kidding. By the way stop laugh, Dr. Azahari is coming to the class.
S. Zuhri : Where is he, I don’t find him anywhere, hey Ibrohim where is he tell me please. Ibrohim, Don’t lie to me! Honestly Dr. Azahari is bald and ugly person, when I saw him I just want to laugh as loud as I can (Zuhri is still speaking and not listening to everything what Ibrohim says)
Ibrohim : Zuhri, Zuhri (zuhri still speak) look behind of you (zuhri still laughing) Zuhri look who person is behind of you! Dr. Azahari is behind of you.
S. Zuhri : What do you say? I still don’t understand.
Ibrohim : Dr. Azahari is behind of you!
S. Zuhri : No he is not here, if he is here you can treat me ice cream after school, and I will kick his ass.
Ibrohim : Just see who the one is behind of you!
S. Zuhri : Okey, I will!
Azahari : (Looks angry and say nothing)
S. Zuhri : Dr. Azahari, how are you sir? Are you fine?
Azahari : I am fine, thank you very much for asking my condition. Actually what are you laughing about?
S. Zuhri : Nothing sir, I just laugh at you.. emm I mean yogi sir not you!
Azahari : (hit Zuhri by a ruler)
Ibrohim : (laughing)
Azahari : Okay students let’s see what we have for today. Before it I want to absent you first, Ibrohim!
Ibrohim : Present sir (speak loudly)
Azahari : Good response Ibrohim, I know you are a diligent student. Then Syaifudin Zuhri
S. Zuhri : Present sir never absent of your subject.
Azahari : Good, you are a diligent student too, but the different between you and Ibrohim is you are taller than Ibrohim. Okay next Ali Imron!
Ibrohim : Ali has gone sir, shot by Indonesian Police!
Azahari : Is he sending a letter?
Ibrohim : No sir, before he dies he just told me to not forget to pray me.
Azahari : Okay, it doesn’t matter, okay the next Imam Samudra..
S. Zuhri : Imam Sanudra has gone to the grave sir, so has been a corpse!
Azahari : So he has die too, alright the last is Amrozi, where is Amrozi? Does he come?
Ibrohim : No sir, he has executed by Indonesian Police several months ago.
Azahari : Okay listen to me students! Today we have how to explode a building without known by no one.
S. Zuhri : Sir! You mean we must be a ghost first then explode the bomb from the inside of the building?
Ibrohim : Or we must be a superman so we can fly and explode the building above of the building?
Azahari : Yes you both are right, but there is a better way to do it.
Ibrohim : What is that sir?
Azahari : Good question, it’s mean that to explode a building by a bomb, we must a great strategy and tactic to do it, and not only one tactic that we need, but we need to make some tactics, then from those tactics, we can make a powerful strategy to do our plan. Do you both understand?
Both : Yes we do sir!
S. Zuhri : Question sir, as we know that every building such as hotel or ambassador building has a high security system. How to slip away of it?
Azahari : Yap great question. To slip away from the security system, there are many ways that we can do, and to get those ways, we must pass step by step of our strategy, so that before it we must compose the strategy first.
Ibrohim : Sir can you make an example of it?
Azahari : Yes of course, listen to me students! While we want to make a strategy for exploding a bomb, you have to know, how is the condition of your target?
S. Zuhri : It’s mean that we have to investigate the condition of our target area first, isn’t it sir?
Azahari : Correctly, beside we must investigate it by our self, we must ask some one to be inning people to investigate the condition from the inside.
Ibrohim : Sir, what will happen for the next if we have had a spy there?
Azahari : Good Ibrohim, while we have spies inside of our target, in other place we can compose a strategy and get information from them. It’s mean that when they give us the information about the condition of that place, we can know what should we do to destroy that place. Do you understand?
Ibrohim : Yes sir.
S. Zuhri : Sir! talking about strategy, who will do the exploding action, is it means us or the other people? The spy for example.
Azahari : For this one you must recruit a volunteer to explode the bomb.
Ibrohim : How to get the volunteer sir?
Azahari : Good question Ibrohim, To get it you have to ask them to follow us by give them some opinions about our truth. Besides we give them knowledge about Jihad Fi Sabilillah or knowledge how to protect our religion from the break ness that is caused by human behavior.
S. Zuhrie : Sir is there another way besides that strategy?
Azahari : Yeah to make them be sure of our opinion you can give them a candy or snack.
Ibrohim : Sir the time is up, I must go home now, because I must drink a cup of milk at this time.
Azahari : Okay the time is over, before go home lets pray together, start pray
All are praying…..

The End…………….


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