English Drama Script


Love, Angel, and Evil


  1. Narrator                 : Jariah
  2. Jenny                      : Taufik Rahman
  3. Johnny                    : Dwi Febriyanto
  4. Jenny’s Father        : Umar Husen
  5. Jenny’s Mother       : Herlina
  6. Teacher                  : Nurul Mu’minah
  7. King of Evil            : Susanto
  8. Evil 1 Safu              : Saiful Ansori
  9. Evil 2 Dan              : Diyan Ahmad Saputra
  10. Evil 3 Iba                : Harmono
  11. Evil 4 Khomu         : M Khoirul Mufid
  12. Evil 5 Anwa            : Matoon Ginangsyar
  13. Evil 6 Darma          : Arjuna Tramarzathama
  14. Angle 1 Rama         : Rohman Sodikim
  15. Angle 2 Wansa       : Suryanto
  16. Angle 3 Hensa        : Adam Japal
  17. Student 1 Maya      : Elma Wati
  18. Student 2 Ani         : Ita Agus Aini
  19. Student 3 Ririn        : Umi Aa’ Kirim
  20. Student 4 Erma       : Titis Srihermastuty
  21. Student 5 Yuda      : Billya Yoga V
  22. Student 6 Gina        : Pipi Enita
  23. Student 7 Ikhsan     : Risky Saputra
  24. Srudent 8 Rahma    : Ana
  25. Student 9 Putri        : Meliya Eka Saputri
  26. Student 10  Mia      : Novia Mayang Sari


Love, Angel, and Evil



(Narrator) It was a beautiful day for Jenny. She had her first dating with his boy friend Johnny. They were nice young couple. Today, they had promised to meet at the corner of Love River.

(Narrator) Jenny looked delight today. She prepared everything before meet Johnny in her first dating. She wanted everything looked perfect. When she was mirroring, suddenly her father called her.

Jenny’s Father : Jenny, Jenny, Jenny..
Jenny : Yes dad, what’s wrong dad?
Jenny’s Father : Oh, you are here, you look beautiful today, why?
Jenny’s Mother : She always looks beautiful, honey.
Jenny : That’s me, thanks mom.
Jenny’s father : Where would you go, actually?
Jenny : I want to meet Johnny dad.
Jenny’s father : Johnny? Who is he?
Jenny : Dad.. he is my boy friend.
Jenny’s father : Boy friend?! (dislike expression)
Jenny’s Mother : Honey, She already 17 years old now. I think it doesn’t matter if she has a boy friend. It is good for her, isn’t it?
Jenny’s Father : No, honey.(He tells his wife)Jenny, you must stay at home! Don’t go anywhere!!
Jenny : But dad?? I have promised him.
Jenny’s Father : No reason, Jenny!
Jenny : I’ll meet him dad.
Jenny’s father : Jenny, I am your father; I know what the best is.
Jenny : Dad, please
Jenny’s Mother : Honey, Just let her go. Believe your daughter. I am sure that she will be alright.
Jenny’s Father : No honey, she has to stay here.
Jenny : I am sorry dad, I have to go!
Jennuy’s Father : Jenny!! I say..
Jenny : I am sorry dad
Jenny’s Mother : Honey, Just let her go, okay. Believe her please..

(Narrator) Jenny ignores his father commands.

(Narrator) When she looked his watch, suddenly she shocked. She thought that she was late in her first date. She walked quickly to the place that they had promised. But she was wrong. Johnny wasn’t there yet. She waited for a long time but she still waited him. And she was sure that Johnny would come.

Jenny : Oh, I hope that Johnny wouldn’t come late. At 5 pm o’clock he promised to meet me here. Hmmmm.. I wonder that he will give a surprise today. 

Hmm.. It will be a good place to sit and wait Johnny.

(Narrator) An hour later.
Jenny : It has been already 5.16 pm, it almost dark, where is Johnny? Johnny where are you? Johnny… 

I must dial his phone number,

Jenny takes her hand phone.

Oh my god, it is inactive. Johnny, please don’t forget your promise.

But, Jenny is still waiting him.

In Another Place (Johnny’s school)(Narrator) Meanwhile, Johnny was already in the school, and he just finished his study. But, he forgot that he has a promise.
Teacher : Good Afternoon, Students.
All Students   Good Afternoon, mam.
Teacher : How day?
All Students : Very good mom.
Teacher : Very good, okay today we will study about simple present tense
Student Maya : Mom (raising hand) What is Simple Present Tense??
Teacher   Okay, good question. Now who knows what is it?
Student Ani : I know it mom, (Raising hand) it is kind of tense that is used to express a present event.
Teacher : Very good answer.  Now Johnny, tell me what do you know about it!
Johnny : I don’t know mom.
Student Ririn : Just like the usual, you never know about everything, Johnny.
Student Erma : That’s right, poor Johnny. Ha ha ha ha ha ha (All students laught)
Student Yuda : Can you shut your mouth!!
Student Ririn and Erma : Wow, who are you? What is your business? Ha ha ha ha
Student Gina : Hey, can you stop it!! We are in the class.
Johnny : Guys just stop it, please..
Teacher : Student, Listen! It doesn’t matter if your friend doesn’t know and cannot answer the question. Now let us continue the study.
Students : Yes mom
Student Ikhsan : Mom, what is the formula for simple present tense?
Student Rahma : I know it mom; that is S + V base + O. Is it right mam??
Teacher : Oh very good answer, know do you mind if you write in the white board?
Student Putri and Mia : Me mom (Raising hand together)
Student Putri : Hey! I raise my hand first. So it is mine!
Student Mia : No! It can’t be yours. It’s mine!
Student Putri : Okay, now let the teacher choose, You or me?
Student Mia : Ups, of course she will choose me, ha ha ha
Teacher : Okay, now both of you write it on the board, you write the formula and you write the example. Can you?
Student Putri and Mia : Yes I can (Shout together)
They write it on the black board (Action)
Teacher : Okay, give it up for them.Wow very good example. Now let we read it together.
All Students : Yes mom..
They read it Together (Action)
Teacher : Okay class, time is over,, I hope that you will study harder than today. Be careful on your way home, see you next week.
All Students : See you mom..
(Narrator) After the class is over, Johnny and some of his friend talk about what the want to do. Johnny and one of his friends tell that they want to go home. And they another one said that he wants to go to hospital. But, Johnny still doesn’t remember his promise.
Student Yuda : Hey Johnny, where are you heading now??
Johnny : Just go home, how about you?
Student Yuda : Hmm, so do I. Wait a moment, how about you?
Student Gina : I should go to hospital, my mother is hospitalized there.
Johnny : Why?
Student Gina : She got cancer disease.
Johnny : I am sorry for hear that.
Student Gina : It doesn’t matter.
Student Yuda : Be patient my friend, Okay I have to go home soon, see you later!
Johnny and student Gina : Oh, okay see you later, Bye.
(Narrator) They leave the class together. Johnny walks alone to the park area. Unfortunately he still doesn’t remember his promise. But a moment later, he finally remembers his promise.
Johnny : Ah… it makes me so tired. Hmmm let me see what time it is. 

Hmm, it is just 5.30 pm (He smiles)

Wait a moment, what time is it? 5.30 pm?(He said it for a few time, and Suddenly)

Oh my god! I forget it! I am late to meet Jenny. Jenny I hope that you wait for me. Wait me Jenny, wait me Please….

(Johnny ride his bicycle very fast)

Huff, huff, huff, Jenny, don’t leave me, I am on my way Jenny, wait me. Jenny!!!!

Jenny : Johnny I know that you will come, but I really hate you Johnny, because you are late!  

You make me wait for a long time.

(Narrator) Johnny finally arrives and he calls Jenny loudly.
Johnny : Jenny?
Jenny : Johnny?
Johnny : Jenny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jenny : Johnny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Johnny and Jenny run to make their selves closer)
Johnny : Darling, I am here now
Jenny : Why you late?
Johnny : Darling, listen! Forgive me! I have no mean to forget you. The important is that I am here now, with you.
Jenny : But Johnny I (Johnny cut the conversation)
Johnny : Jenny listens! Then tell me about your love. (Dance)
(Narrator) Now, Johnny and Jenny are sitting under a tree. And, they are making romantic atmosphere here.
Jenny : Johnny,
Johnny : Yes darling
Jenny : May I ask you something?
Johnny : What is that?
Jenny : It is about our future darling?
Johnny : (Johnny think deeply) hmmm, future? Is it important?
Jenny : Johnny, it is very important for me. Johnny, listen! Will you marry me?
Johnny : Of course darling, I’ll marry you. Because I love you.
Jenny : Really?
Johnny : Yes, darling because you have give me everything, except…….
Jenny : Except what Johnny?
Johnny : (“your body” said Johnny in his mind) Don’t think it anymore.
Jenny : Johnny, do you know? I love you so much.
Johnny : So do I, darling.
(Narrator) Meanwhile, in the evil kingdom. The king of evils ordered his serfs to bring Jenny and Johnny into the gap of mistakes.
King of Evil : My vassals look at that young couple!
Evils : Yes master
King of evil : I order you to bedevil them doing a forbidden thing. Make Johnny hitches Jenny’s virgin!!
Evils : As your order, my majesty.
King of Evil : Bring them in to the gaps of error! Can you?!
Evils : Yes your majesty.
King on Evil : Don’t be fail my sons, make me proud of you. Ha ha ha ha ha ha
Evils : Yes my majesty.
The king of evil leaves them (action)
Evil Safu : Our majesty has ordered us. I’ll be your leader in this mission.
Evil Dan : How can be?
Evil Safu : I am the oldest one here!
Evil Iba : You?? The leader?? Oh no way! We have to choose!
Evil Khomu, Anwa, Darma : That’s right!
Evil Safu : I agree, how about you?
Evil Dan and Iba : Okay!! Just choose who will be the leader.
(Narrator) They are choosing the leader, and Evil 1 is the elected one.
Evil Safu : Ha ha ha ha ha ha, I’ve told you that I’m the leader.
Evil Dan : Okay, up to you
Evil Safu : Ha ha ha ha ha, let’s do it.
(Narrator) In the kingdom of angel, the angels prepare to fight the evils.
Angle Rama : My brother, let’s safe Johnny and Jenny
Angle Wansa : Yes my brother
Angle Hensa : The evils have prepared their selves to bring Johnny and Jenny in to the gaps of mistake.
Angle Wansa : We have to safe them, soon
Angle Rama : You are right my brother, let’s fight the evils.
Angle Wansa : They are strong enemy, can we beat them?
Angle Rama : We will win my brothers. Now let’s go to save them.
Angle Wansa & Hensa : As your order brother,
(Narrator) Back to Johnny and Jenny. Johnny tries to ensure Jenny that he will never leave her alone.
Johnny : Darling, I want you believe in my love
Jenny : Darling, I will never leave you, and I hope you too.
Johnny : Believe me honey, (Johnny kisses Jenny brow and almost kisses Jenny’s lips)
Jenny : Johnny don’t do it, please..
Johnny : (Johnny pulls a long face) I am sorry, forgive me
Jenny : Johnny, please forgive me I don’t mean to hurt you.
Johnny : I know honey,(Johnny leaves Jenny even without a word)
Jenny : Johnny, where would you go?
Johnny : No where honey, I just want to think something. Thinking my fault.
(Narrator) Now, it is getting dark, it almost 6 pm o’clock, Johnny leave Jenny alone for a while. Then, when he was alone under a tree, suddenly the evil come and influence Johnny to do something wrong.
Johnny : What I’ve done, it made her hurt.
Evil Safu : Johnny, you don’t have to regret it. I know you love her Johnny.
Johnny : But I hurt her.
Evil Iba : Johnny, you don’t hurt her, she loves you Johnny.
Evil Dan : That is right Johnny, ha ha ha ha, just kiss him Johnny
Angle Rama : Johnny, don’t listen what they just said, and do it Johnny, it has bad impact for your future Johnny.
Johnny : Hmmmm
Evil Khomu : Don’t be fear Johnny, tell me that you love her, tell it to your heart that nothing happen after you do it
Evil Anwa & Darma : That is right Johnny, Ha ha ha ha ha that’s right.
Evil Darma : Johnny, do it Johnny! Do it! I know she love you too
Evil Dan : Ha ha ha ha that’s right Johnny. Show us that you can do it without fear.
Angel Rama : Don’t Johnny, don’t do it, I know you Johnny, listen to your heart Johnny, you don’t have to do it. Your future Johnny, don’t forget it.
Johnny : That’s right
Evil Safu : Oh… Johnny, don’t be weak Johnny, don’t be afraid, do it Johnny, this opportunity will not come in the future, it is the best change to get her body.Johnny… do it Johnny..
Evil Dan & Iba : That is right Johnny, ha ha ha ha
Angle Wansa : Don’t do it Johnny, don’t do it, think it Johnny, How if she pregnant your child Johnny, it will break your future Johnny.
Evil Darma : Johnny if she pregnant your children just marry her, so don’t be afraid Johnny, it will not break your future, because you love her and you will marry her Johnny
Evil Safu : Just do it Johnny, Do it….. ha ha ha ha ha
Angel Hensa : Don’t Johnny, don’t do it Johnny you will regret it for ever
Evil Safu and Dan : Do it, do it Johnny, do it. Ha ha ha ha ha ha
Johnny : That’s right, this opportunity will never come, and there are only me and her here. No one will know about it.
Evil Safu : That’s right Johnny, she has a sexy body Johnny, do it Johnny do it
Angle Rama : Johnny listen to your heart
Angle Wansa : That’s right Johnny, listen it well. I know that you will not do this
Evil Dan : Don’t be fear Johnny! You will like it. Ha ha ha ha
Angles : Don’t do it Johny.. don’t!!
Evils : Ha ha ha ha ha ha
Johnnu : Aaaaaaaaaaa!!(Shout)
(Narrator) Johnny is approaching Jenny.
Johnny : Jenny, please forgive me, I can’t hold it anymore, I love you Jenny.
Jenny : Johnny what are you doing?! Johnny please don’t do it to me Johnny, (Jenny screams loudly)
Johnny : Just do it honey
(Narrator) Johnny rapped her. After it is done; Jenny cries and ask Johnny to leave her alone.
Jenny : Why did you do it to me, why Johnny why??!! (She is crying)
Johnny : Honey, forgive me.
Jenny : No!! No!! leave me alone, leave me!!!! Leave me!!!
Johnny : Jenny, (He hugged Jenny), I will marry you my honey
Jenny : (she just crying without answer)
(Narrator) Jenny is going home alone, and she is still carrying. She doesn’t say anything about what happen was.
Jenny’s mother : Jenny, what is happening? You look dirty.
Jenny : I am fine mom. I am okay.
Jenny’s mother : Don’t be lie Jenny!
Jenny : I am ok mom, I am tired. I want to sleep.
Jenny’s mother : Jenny..
(Narrator)After this accident, Jenny lost contact with Johnny for three months. She doesn’t know where Johnny is, and also his condition.(Narrator) Jenny pregnant Johnny’s child. Her father was very angry and disappoint.

Jenny’s father : Oh my god Jenny! Now see the impact about what you have done?!  You make me very disappoint on you Jenny!
Jenny : Dad.. please forgive me..
Jenny’s Mother : Who did do it, Jenny? Was it Johnny??
Jenny’s Father : You make me shy!! (He slaps Jenny face)
Jenny’s Mother : Please don’t do that, Jenny pregnant a child now!
Jenny : Please forgive me dad
Jenny’s Father : No Jenny! I will never forgive you! Now, leave my house!!
Jenny’s Mother : Honey, please don’t do that. She is your daughter..
Jenny’s father : I don’t care!
Jenny : Dad.. please forgive me. I know that it is my mistake
Jenny’s mother : Honey, please.. forgive her
Jenny’s Father : It’s too late. Now, Leave my house.Leave her alone
Jenny : Dad.. please.. dad..
Jenny’s father : Go out!!

(Narrator) Her father left her alone.

But, finally Johnny came to her house, and he want to marry Jenny because he was a responsible man.

Jenny : Johnny, is it you?
Johnny : Jenny?
Jenny : I miss you Johnny. I am waiting for your coming, why did you leave me Johnny?
Johnny : Jenny, forgive me, I don’t mean to leave you, I love you honey. Now, I am here with you, beside you, please don’t cry anymore, because I will be here forever, besides you.
Jenny : Is it true Johnny, Will you marry me Johnny?
Johnny : Honey, listen to me. I will marry you and I will never leave you alone, because I love you, I can’t live without you besides me Jenny. I promise that we will always together.
Jenny : I love you so much Johnny.
(Narrator) Finally, they live in happiness forever


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      1. Guys please think about an English drama that has a nice moral and it include only 10 member and its time duration will be of 30 minutes please

  1. Really this script is very helpful for me but if you provide more script then it is also helpful for me.

  2. Hi, I’m from North Cotabato, Philippines..
    And I am delighted because I found your great drama..

    We have just finished to dramatize ur story last Oct. 3, 2015..
    Guess what???
    We got a total grade of 96 and that’s very good for us..

    I admire ur drama coz it’s simple, easy to memorize and funny:-D
    We just have fix some words due to grammatical error,..

    But then, We really appreciate ur creation.. You’re thoughtful and Kind writer,,

    #Just Keep on Writing, Writers are not born, they are MADE! just like YOU..

    Thank You for your Piece,.. Your such an Angel with Love…

  3. “Now I am studying at one of Islamic Collage in Lampung, . . .” Maaf, bolehkah saya koreksi sedikit . . . harusnya “Now I am studying at one of Islamic Colleges in Lampung, . . . “

  4. Hi We read your composition. It was very simple but incredible. Theres a lot of moral lessons I see, thats why we wanted to play this and act through video playing as for our final grades for literature.But I Need to know where this story made from?

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